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We specialized in creating unique ads that generate the best ROI. We target your exact location and demographic. Mobile display van is more cost effective than any other media.


  • Grand Openings
  • Concerts
  • Holiday Events
  • Sporting Events
  • Recruitment Events
  • Conventions / Trade Shows
  • New Product Rollouts

  How do you promote your Company?

Newspaper, Radio, Television, Direct Mail. Unfortunately, these forms of media are declining in effectiveness as a method of reaching consumers.

  How do you reach your consumer in the "offline" world?

Reality is, Young Indians are watching less TV, reading less printed media and listening to less radio.

  Who is the culprit?

The internet and the widespread use of personal listening devices like the iPod.

  Why use a Mobile Display Van?

A mobile display van campaign with Cubic publicity is the most innovative and environmentally responsible approach to outdoor advertising introduced in the past decade.  

  A softer and subtle approach..

However, consumers are readily available and are a captive audience in their vehicle. Whether in the driver seat or as a passenger or pedestrian, having a mobile van ad campaign with cubic publicity will surely get your brand in front of the consumers you seek.

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